With some pre-trip preparation and keeping each other motivated, the duo behind Nomadicboys.com never leave their workout routines behind.

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Stefan and Sebastien met in London at a gay bar in 2009. Sebastien was preparing to take a job in Spain when he locked eyes with Stefan across the bar. The two instantly connected and Sebastien eventually canceled his impending move.

We entered our 30s with comfortable jobs, in a comfortable flat with comfortable lifestyles, doing comfortable things, but after a while comfortable simply lost its shine. It became dull, routine and we craved excitement, adventure, something different, a new focus and most importantly, wanted to see more of the world together.”

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In 2014, Stefan and Sebastien quit their jobs and began to travel full time. They started blogging at Nomadicboys.com, eventually turning their trip reports and reviews into a budding business and brand.

The guys are currently based in Colombia until October.

Have you two always been active?

Absolutely. It’s something we’ve always been passionate about and always try to implement into our everyday lifestyle. Back home in London, Stefan switched his commute from underground to bicycle and Seb has always been passionate about yoga and pilates.

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Outdoor gym in Ulan Bator, Mongolia // Image source: facebook.com

What are your philosophies around health and wellness? Do you follow any mantras or schools of thought?

Very simple, if you take care of your body, it will in turn take care of you. When you feel fit, you feel more confident about yourself and overall happier and more positive.

The main mantra/school of thought we follow is trying to balance a healthy active lifestyle with an appropriate healthy diet.

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How do you find a balance between sampling local cuisines and overindulging like many of us default to while traveling?

This has been the greatest challenge in our travels. The first is to differentiate between a holiday and traveling. When on your usual 2 weeks holiday, you’ve no intention of doing any fitness, you just want to have fun and blow your budget, then sort it all out when you return home.

When traveling, this is usually more long-term so therefore it’s easier to implement stricter rules into your lifestyle. We always strive to do an hour of some sort of fitness every day, which is a mix of cardiovascular and body weight exercises.

With local cuisines, we’re always keen to try everything, but with an educational perspective – not only because we want to write about it for our blog, but to know what we’re putting into our bodies. There’s a whole array of healthy foods to try in local cuisines of course-it isn’t always bad.

Do you travel with bulk food or supplies from home to help when you’re stuck in an airport or surrounded by fast food restaurants?

Stefan is more particular about this, especially on long flights. Unless you’re flying in Business class, meals on board are usually high in salts, low in nutrients, proteins and usually not enough. We always have a few bags of healthy snacks before a long haul flight to supplement our meals. You can usually find at least one place where you can get a decent meal with some fresh vegetables, etc.

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A strict routine is often the success factor for many of us with working out and staying healthy – how do you stay motivated to exercise with your lives in constant flux?

The driving force is vanity. When you look good and feel fit, you generally feel more positive about yourself. That’s always the driving force which helps massively. We’re also lucky to have each other for encouragement.

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What are some of your favorite healthy destinations?

Asia is hands down our favourite for food, in particular Thailand and Sri Lanka. Thai food is delicious and so easy to eat without piling on the pounds. We love South Indian spices but find Indian curries a bit too heavy with all that ghee: in Sri Lanka they make delicious curries without the ghee and are just as tasty.

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What are some local wellness traditions you’ve experienced in your travels?

In large parts of Asia, outdoor group fitness is big, particularly in China and Vietnam. There’s many open green spaces with outdoor gyms and group class taking place.

We always try to seek out the nearest public pool or local gym and always try to incorporate adventure in our travels, in particular scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking and trekking.

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Sebastien kayaking Koh Tarutao, Thailand // Image Source: nomadicboys.com

What’s next for you guys?

We’re based in Colombia until October, then heading to Ecuador for our 2nd Nomadic Boys gay luxury cruise in the Galapagos. Then it’s back home for Christmas to plan the next stage of our lives, which will involve our wedding. Stay tuned!

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