andy bench


I leave my office in West SoHo around 6:45 p.m. and head a few blocks north to my gym.  The facility is a bit off the beaten path.  So, I can safely drop my bag, change quickly and hit the Hudson River Greenway in minutes.

My run is the perfect way to clear my head. I have zero, and I mean zero, automotive or pedestrian interruptions (here’s looking at you Central Park).  After, I shower off and start exploring the possibilities of the night ahead.

I treat myself to a Pop-Tart on the subway ride home. A quick burst of sugar after a workout is actually good for you.  Then, I sit back to enjoy a few minutes of random people watching before I hit my next destination.

Fridays, as we all know, can be a tough time to rally. But I try to squeeze in some fun.   A reunion with friends over martinis. Or even a spontaneous date.  Both options always seem to make the week a little brighter.  (Side note: Can we finally agree that a real martini is made with Gin?  Blue cheese stuffed olives, anyone?)

Saturday a.m.

I’m not a crazy night owl, so my weekend nights never run too, too late.   I wake up fresh-faced and eager for a new day.  Both Saturdays and Sundays start with a good lower back stretch since I have the time.  I drink a glass of water after stretching.  And if I’ve planned ahead, I’ll add some ginger shots.  Ginger is a great anti-inflammatory.  It helps alleviate redness in my skin and gives me a little pre-coffee kick.  Then I finish waking up with a fresh cup of coffee.

Wellfellows Andy Churchill

Music is the other mandatory part of my Saturday morning.  I power up a little Bluetooth speaker in my room to keep the morning fun.  Lately, I’ve had Jonathan Johansson, Alex Ross & Fickle Friends on repeat.  (Also, whenever Gladys Knight comes on, I immediately start planning which song I want her to perform at my very far off wedding.)

I power through a quick meditative workout.  And finally, my weekend has begun!

andy plank

Saturday p.m.

The rest of the day I move through the city like a bouncy ball.

I might take photos of the beautiful old townhouses in my questionably composed Bed-Stuy neighborhood.  Or I’ll hide back in my room working on my novel or novella (haven’t quite figured that one out yet).  Or I’ll head to Manhattan to explore the narrow streets that run between TriBeCa and the West Village or NoLita and The Lower East Side.  Where the day leads me depends on my company, my appetite and the shoes I’m wearing. But I never complain when I end up along the water with one of those hearty, but debatably overpriced, peanut butter banana almond smoothies.  Yum!

Wellfellows Andy Churchill

Saturday night always gets me so giddy.  Call me Blanche Devereaux but it’s true!  My friends and I usually have a group meal planned. And more often than not, it’s in one of our kitchens since we’re fortunate to have the space.

We recently enjoyed a wonderful Herring dill salad crudité (thanks Julie) followed by a roasted beet pasta dish, crisp wine and a magic cake (really, it was magic).  Other nights, it’s Thai to go, a lemon tea and an embarrassing movie night. Somehow, I find myself excited and even dancing regardless of the atmosphere.

On rare nights, I’ll end up at one of “the bars, highly entertained by the eagle-eyed ‘nice guys’.  You know the ones.  They say more with their gazes than they do with their unimpressive opening lines.  So, like my dinner parties, I end up dancing by myself.  It’s a wild time.


I usually have my groceries delivered on Sundays.  FoodKick is my preferred service (stop what you’re doing and download it now). My day starts by organizing my fridge with my weekly necessities.  This includes, but isn’t limited to: Pink Lady Apples, blueberry and vanilla Greek yogurts, a loaf of sprouted bread, sliced turkey and pepperoni, Vermont goat cheese, spinach, clementines if they’re in season, 2% milk, and Coffee Mate creamer (the Almond Joy version is life changing!).

Then I move on to stocking my dry shelves with healthy goodies.  Honey crunch granola bars, Raisin Bran, an extra container of raisins, bananas, brown rice pasta, jars of pesto, peppery dijonnaise and funky aiolis.  And of course, my Pop-Tarts.  It’s all about balance, right?

From here, I bolt over to the west side for my Sunday run.  I typically have mid-afternoon plans with a friend afterward. We stroll, giggle, and take in the city’s scenery.  We may move back to my place and whip up some stew or baked egg brunch/dinner. Then we’ll watch some new HBO series or old Friends reruns.  It’s a happy day.

andy and friend

By 10:30 p.m., I’m in my freshly changed sheets with a big glass of lemon water. And I feel great entering the coming week.

For more adventures, you can follow Andy on his web series ANDY TRIES.