On our third Meetup event, we ventured to Stanton Street Yoga in the Lower East Side for an hour of gay men’s yoga.

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Vinyasa yoga is the perfect Sunday afternoon activity. It’s restorative. It’s calming and rejuvenating. Rather than spending the last day of the week dreading the impending chaos of the upcoming week, vinyasa flow helps clear our minds and hit the reset button.

In vinyasa yoga, the goal is to link your movements, or flow, to the breath. Through a combination of stretching, balance poses and lots of sun salutations, you can typically expect to work up a sweat while calming an anxious mind. Some vinyasa classes are vigorous (Power Yoga) and others are more restorative and anchored on slow, methodical movements.

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Stanton Street Yoga / Image Source: stantonstreetyoga.com

We were hosted by a beautiful studio in the Lower East Side – Stanton Street Yoga. Designed as a “healing sanctuary and yoga community”, the space is warm and inviting. Stanton Street Yoga also doubles as a bed and breakfast for retreats and extended stays – they rent out a number of rooms in the building.

The studio hosts classes throughout the day for all levels. A number of sessions during the week are designated as donation-based and for the local community.

Our instructor, Ira Ruiz is one of the best teachers I’ve encountered in the city. Through a mixture of excellent instruction, beautiful storytelling and subtle humor, our time with Ira was energizing and memorable.

After the class, we headed to a juice show a few blocks away for some green protein and socializing.

Where next?

We’re a diverse group of guys with a range of athletic experience – a jewelry maker, a teacher, a creative director. We host Meetups at least once per month, indoors and outdoors, ranging from yoga to outdoor bootcamps to hikes. We hope you’ll join us next time!

If you’re in the New York area, join us for our next Meetup on July 8th. We’ll be hiking Breakneck Ridge in Cold Spring, NY.