Vacation season is upon us, and if you’re like most, you’ve been sweating it out in a dark CrossFit gym for the last few months to get ready.

However, heading off to a tropical locale for a week of sun and fun doesn’t mean you have to abandon your routine.

In fact, you can build your trip around your health.  Whether you’re hoping to book a killer getaway or simply break through your fitness plateau with a change of scenery, travel boot camps and wellness destinations could be the vacation/fitness hybrid you’ve been searching for.

What Is a Travel Boot Camp, Anyway?

Great question.

You’re probably familiar with a normal boot camp.

No doubt you’ve seen that group of 10 or 20 people in the park doing burpees in unison. A boot camp is an intense group workout session that usually takes place outdoors.

The motivation behind the boot camp is to get you out of your routine.  You feed off the energy of your fit peers, and shock your body into burning more fat than normal.

If the thought of skater’s lunges and jumping squats doesn’t seem like a very relaxing vacation to you, don’t worry.  They’re not all designed to exhaust you.  The true purpose behind travel boot camps is to keep you active while you press the reset button.

That’s where the wellness destination comes in.

What’s a Wellness Destination?

This is also a great question.  A wellness destination is a spa, resort or retreat designed to encourage mindfulness and rejuvenation.

You can break a sweat during a morning yoga session followed by some afternoon meditation and a therapeutic massage.  Think of a wellness retreat as an epic spa day.  Most travel boot camps take place in wellness destinations.

However, you can participate in as little or as much you’d like.

Best Travel Boot Camps and Wellness Destinations

The BodyHoliday

travel boot camp beach
The BodyHoliday Beach (Image source: Instagram)

No one really needs to be convinced to visit St. Lucia.  The crystal-clear water and postcard-worthy beaches are reason enough.  However, the BodyHoliday makes it that much more desirable.  This wellness destination is designed to keep you active in whichever way you choose.  From an hour in the reflecting pool to a session of archery, there’s no shortage to how you can get moving.  And with so much gorgeous scenery around, you’ll have no problem leaving your room.


The Ranch at Live Oak Malibu

travel boot camp ranch
The Ranch Malibu (Image source: The Ranch Website)

Looking for a travel boot camp but hoping to stay in the country?  Not a problem.  The Ranch at Live Oak Malibu is a vacation for the fitness enthusiast.  You’ll spend each day engaged in 8 hours (yes, 8 hours) of low-impact activity.  You’ll be hiking, stretching and communing with Mother Nature all day long, powered by a plant-based diet of 1400 calories a day.  You’re actually discouraged from spending a lot of daytime in your room.  This is a travel boot camp comfortably situated at the intersection of mindfulness and intensity.


Spa Kea Lani

travel boot camp fairmont
Fairmont Hotel Beach (Image source: Instagram)

Hawaii is another one of those locations that you won’t need much prodding to visit.  Maui’s Spa Kea Lani is a 5500-square-foot wellness destination located in the Fairmont Kea Lani.  From private treatments in an ocean side cabana to soothing facials, this is a luxurious spin on the typical wellness vacation.  The spa also offers the Inspire Your Energy program designed for all levels of physical fitness.  And better yet, Spa Kea Lani is known as one of the most gay-friendly wellness destinations in America.

38 Degrees North Ibiza Fusion Fitness

38 Degrees North, Ibiza (Image source: Instagram)

Not everyone goes to Ibiza to party until sunrise.  38 Degrees North Ibiza Fusion Fitness is a travel boot camp designed to keep you in peak shape while you’re on vacation.  Beach circuits, kickboxing, rooftop yoga and paddle boarding are just a few ways you can push your body to the max.  A Fusion Fitness holiday is for the guy who wants to do more than a quick jog when he’s away from home.  Fusion Fitness also offers getaways to Thailand, India and various other countries throughout Europe, Asia and Africa.

For most, vacations are a time to indulge in margaritas and breakfast buffets.  However, if you’re fitness-minded and want to put your wellness first, a travel boot camp or wellness destination is the right choice for your next big trip.