On Saturday, a great group of guys (and two dogs) gathered in Prospect Park, Brooklyn for an hour of HIIT and bands with Adam Pow Fitness.

wellfellow gay retreats

The weather was perfect for our second event. Sunny, 72, dry.

After a successful first Meetup earlier in the spring, we returned to Prospect Park, this time with Adam Powell, a gay personal trainer from the city. Adam, with his adorable Southern twang, served up an ass-kicking mix of HIIT and bands for a great full-body workout.

We had a great mix of guys from all over the city (and world) – a teacher, an engineer, a paramedic, an expat from Spain.

butt lifts on bench

And even a few lazy guys who took the opportunity to tan rather than sweat.

dog tanning

NYC has a tremendous amount to offer in the form of group wellness and fitness activities, and our goal for the Meetup is to bring our community together every few weeks for a diverse mix of outings. Most of our outings are free, although we occasionally charge a few dollars to help avoid drop off. The group is open to all ages, fitness levels and backgrounds.

We’ve got a great summer planned – we’re also working on a weekend retreat in a few months. Stay tuned! And more importantly…

Join us for our next Meetup in two weeks – yoga in the Lower East Side.