The PrEP Project tries a new approach to HIV: admit gay men aren’t using condoms.

San Francisco-based filmmaker Chris Tipton-King released the first episode of his groundbreaking web series The PrEP Project this week. The four-part hybrid docu-series takes a creative approach to tackling an inconvenient truth within the gay community – 17% of gay men report using condoms consistently and only 12% are on PrEP.

“Even among the 68% of gay men who are familiar with PrEP, there’s still a cultural reluctance to fully embrace it, whether that’s from lack of information or shame about sexual practices,” says gay San Francisco Filmmaker Chris Tipton-King. “Until very recently, ‘barebacking’ was not something you openly discussed, especially with your doctor, even if you knew all your friends were doing it.” Read the full press release here.

Chris invested $10,000 of his own funds and raised an additional $15,000 on Kickstarter to make this project come alive.

Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Chris coming next week.

Check out Episode 1 below (NSFW):

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