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We all know a size queen or two.  You know the type—the guy who won’t even read a dating app message from a suitor with a penis shorter than 8 inches.  Gay dating culture (and gay porn) is obsessed with big penises.  For a guy who’s just average below the belt, it’s easy to feel inadequate.  But don’t beat yourself up about your genetics.  It’s time to stop obsessing over your penis size.

The Average Size

The size queens probably spend more nights disappointed than satisfied.  British medical website Dr. Ed conducted a massive 2016 survey about penis size.  The average guy is packing 5.6 inches, and he dreams of adding on an extra inch.  There isn’t an 8 in sight.  King’s College London conducted an even bigger study which yielded the same results.  Only 5% of men around the world have an erect penis measuring more than 6.3 inches.  If you find yourself in the upper echelon, congrats.  But don’t fret if you’re average.  It’s those hung guys who are the true outliers.

Limiting Your Experience

Dissatisfaction with your penis size can lead to a lack of sexual pleasure.  The National Institutes of Health released a 2011 study which revealed how penis size related to sexual roles.  Those men who were unhappy with their penis size felt obligated to be bottoms.  If you feel you’re too small to be a top, you could be missing out on sexual exploration because of your insecurity.  Instead of harping on your own size, do what feels right.  An open and receptive partner will allow you to experiment.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

The folks at Thought Catalog were kind enough to compile dozens of gay men’s thoughts on penis size.  There was an overwhelming sentiment that a big penis isn’t always desirable.  “Anything more than a mouthful is a pain in the ass,” wrote one respondent.  “When it comes to gay sex, there is absolutely such a thing as too big.  I’d take a guy with a pencil dick over a Corbin Fisher horse-cock any day,” wrote another.  

So, your average sex partner probably prefers that you aren’t hung.  But what about guys who are hung?  Are their lives better?  “Besides bragging rights and the look, it’s mainly just inconvenient to be bigger,” wrote another respondent.  Responses throughout the rest of the article were, more or less, in the same vein.  There’s no overarching benefit to having a huge penis for both you and your sex partners.  If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines because you’re self-conscious about your size, it’s time to get off the bench.

gay penis size

A Pretty Prick Will Get You Further

In the same Thought Catalog piece, several men talked about pretty penises.  They were more concerned with the appearance than the size.  But how do you define a pretty penis?  Men’s Health argues a pretty penis is one that’s part of a neatly groomed package.  So be sure to keep your bush trimmed.  Urban Dictionary describes it as “a penis that is mouth watering”.  Other factors that some consider “pretty” are how visible the veins are, how thick the shaft is, and whether it’s cut or uncut.  The definition can vary based on the guy.  However, it’s safe to say a clean nether region will get you very far in the bedroom.

gay penis size

Penis Size Doesn’t Make You a Man

There’s a perception in the gay community that a large penis makes you more masculine.  Aside from the fact that masculinity comes in many different forms, it has nothing do with what’s hiding behind your zipper.  Ground your masculinity in things you can control.  Create your own definition.  But don’t base it on something you didn’t choose.  Ending up with a large penis is like winning the gene lottery.  You either have 8 inches or you don’t.  And regardless of how many pills or pumps you try, you’ve got what you’ve got.  Start detaching your self-worth from your penis, and it’ll change your life.

Penis size is a big deal in the gay community.  Our sexuality and desirability plays a huge role in how we stand out amongst other gay men.  But when we focus solely on penis size, we run the risk of extreme unhappiness, dangerous comparison, and lack of pleasure.  Don’t let a few inches define you.