What’s the weekend life of a writer like?

Is it all booze, cigarettes and elbow rubbing with other writers like Ernest Hemingway’s early years in Paris?

Or is it a depressive occasion spent tossing new ideas into the trash can?

Based on my experience, I’d say my typical weekends fall somewhere in between. Between ploughing through my first novel, enjoying my first year of marriage and trying to stay svelte enough to look good in a bathing suit for Memorial Day, my weekends are pretty busy.

I’m one of those annoying productive people that’s still using a to-do list on Saturday morning. But hey, don’t judge me. It works!

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EARLY RISER: I’m usually up by 6:30 so I can dive into my day.

Before I check a single email or social media notification, I spend 10 minutes meditating.  While my husband hits the snooze button and tries to grab his last 10 minutes of sleep, I’m getting centered.

I spend a large part of the day sitting in front of my computer so I do some quick stretches after meditation to loosen up.

Then it’s time for a hearty yet healthy breakfast (usually an egg white omelet, sweet potato and turkey bacon).  While I’m stuffing my face, I’m usually multi-tasking between the TODAY show and my inbox.

WORK IT OUT: I’ve never been officially diagnosed with ADHD but let’s just say I need to break up my day to stay engaged.

My fitness routine usually involves late morning workouts. I love an empty gym. There’s nothing worse than having to share equipment with others or alter my workout because there isn’t an available bench. I like to get in, lift for an hour and get out.

QUIET NIGHT: Friday is usually an early one for me and my husband. We take Friday nights to recoup from the chaos of the week.

He likes to hit the gym after work. While he’s gone, I work on my novel and close out any lingering issues from the day.

When he gets back, we focus 100% on each other with some wine, a home cooked meal and some good convo. We top it all off with some TV before we say good night.  Grace & Frankie Season 3 is taking up most of our couple TV time.


WHILE HE WAS SLEEPING: I can’t sleep past 8 a.m. on the weekends.  (I know, it’s crazy!) I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

But without fail, I’m up early.  My husband, on the other hand, likes to sleep in until 10 or 11. This is prime writing time for me. Just quality time with my novel, my thoughts and some Amy Winehouse in my headphones.

FOR THE CULTURE: Saturday is the one day I like to leave behind reality, forget about work (it’s hard to do when you run your own business) and just enjoy New York City.

We’ll end up at the Guggenheim or Central Park or at a movie. The key is to get outdoors and do something enriching.

Even if all we do is walk around for a couple hours and eat Mister Softee, it’s better than being stuck inside.

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TABLE FOR TWO: I love dining out, and I’d do it every day if I could.  But then, there’s no way I’d be Miami-ready for Memorial Day.

We like to explore new restaurants on the weekend.  We wander until we stumble upon something interesting.

Last weekend, we had diner food at the Bus Stop Café in the West Village.  Another weekend, we chowed down on delicious eats at Temerario in Chelsea.

And no meal would be complete without some libations.  After working out at all week, I like to reward myself with a Manhattan. Cocktails are part of every gay wellness plan, right?


SUPERMARKET SUNDAY: We cook a lot of food at home.  We try to stick to lean meats like chicken and tilapia, fresh veggies and brown rice or quinoa.

So, our weekend routine always involves a trip to the grocery store. It might sound boring but we’re probably the most efficient shoppers in the city.

We share an iPhone note with our grocery list. Once we’re inside, we divide and conquer, removing items from the list as we toss them into the shopping cart.

And we carry it all home in reusable bags. We’re fast, sustainable and healthy.  (We probably make you want to vomit.)

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FAMILY TIME: I talk to my mom once a week. She lives in Florida and we don’t get the chance to connect Monday through Friday.

Sunday evening is our time to chat about the weather, Trump, aging, how to use her smart TV—whatever comes up.  I’m an only child, so maintaining that family connection is important to me.

IN PREPARATION: I wish I could say Sunday was work-free, but I’d be lying. The last hours of my weekend routine are spent plotting out meetings, writing blocks and strategy appointments.  I can only sleep sound if I know my plan of attack for the week ahead.

REJUVENATION: I work out 5 days a week, so I take the weekends off to recover.  When I was in my 20s, I worked out 6 days a week.  Sometimes every day.  As I’ve gotten a little older (just a little), I’ve grown to understand the importance of rest in any fitness routine.  I may stretch a bit in the afternoon but other than that, I take it easy so I can go beast mode on Monday morning.

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