The famous and the fit

When it comes to gay fitness, we’re all on a personal mission to achieve our best bodies.  However, taking the solo journey is always a little easier with some celebrity motivation.  For the gay men we idolize and support, health and wellness is one major part of their formula for long-term success.  The following fit gay celebrities are at the top of their game creatively and in the gym.

 Neil Patrick Harris

When he took the Emmys stage in his underwear in 2013, it may not have been the creative high point of the night.  But it was a shining moment for Neil Patrick Harris and his trainer.  At 43 years old, he’s living proof that health and wellness know no age limits.  In fact, he seems to be aging backward.  I’m sure that Doogie Howser reboot is waiting in the wings.

Matt Bomer

If this whole acting thing doesn’t work out, Matt Bomer could surely find work as a fitness model, physique competitor or, oh yeah, an exotic dancer.  Whether he was shaking his bum for the ladies in Magic Mike or stripping down with Lady Gaga on American Horror Story, he’s one of the fit gay celebrities who has shown a convincing body of proof that wellness makes for some pretty good entertainment.

Frank Ocean

Blonde was 2016’s surprise smash album/mind-blowing artistic statement.  When the video for lead single “Nikes” hit the Internet, fans were mesmerized by the collage of colorful and provocative images.  But something else was on display—Frank Ocean’s newly chiseled torso.  The brooding crooner must have been putting in equal time at the gym and the recording studio.

Brad Goreski

You might know him as Rachel Zoe’s quirky, sassy fashion assistant.  But since breaking out on his own, Brad Goreski has become a styling force to be reckoned with.  He was the mastermind behind his 2015 Beyoncé Halloween costume.  Aside from looking freaking amazing in a black leotard, he was noticeably cut.  From resident nerd boy to Hollywood heartthrob—quite the transformation.


It takes a lot of muscle to put that bass in your walk.  For more than 20 years, RuPaul has brought his brand of drag glamour and humor to the masses.  With RuPaul’s Drag Race now finding a bigger audience via VH1 and a hosting Emmy on his fireplace mantle, Ru is winning.  All along, he’s maintained a taut figure that makes every sequined gown pop in all the right places.  You better work, Ru!

Wilson Cruz

You might remember Wilson Cruz as the adorable Rickie Vasquez on the 90s cult series My So-Called Life.  But let go of those sweet memories because he’s all grown up now.  His rippling abs and biceps have made him an in-demand actor on everything from Noah’s Arc to Netflix’s latest binge obsession 13 Reasons Why.  Rickie will always hold a place in our hearts but he’ll be a distant memory once you steal a glance at his adult counterpart.

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper, known to many as the ultimate silver fox, has shattered the image of the newscaster as a stuffy grandpa.  Move over Tom Brokaw, there’s a new breed of reporter in town.  Cooper is as well-known for his rigorous fitness routine as he is for hard-hitting investigations.  It takes someone in peak physical condition to go round for round with Donald Trump.

If you’re looking for a little motivation for your gay fitness regimen, look no further than these fit celebrities.