gay couple

I’ll never forget going to my first sex party – it’s one of those ‘firsts’ that I’ll always have etched in my mind. I was nervous, excited, and had no idea what to expect. I couldn’t have predicted what would happen that night but I went with an open mind, ready for a new experience. Here’s what I learned:

Clothing is optional (of course)

We arrived at the venue and stood in line outside waiting to get in. A burly bouncer frisked us at the door, and we nervously moved over to the clothing check line. Guys stripped down to their underwear left and right. I took a deep breath and removed all my clothes. There were a few hundred people in attendance in all states of dress. Some walked around fully clothed, others in elaborate costumes, some in underwear, and some completely naked.

You’ll see guys of all types, ages, and shapes

One of the first things I noticed as I stripped down in the clothing check line was the diversity of the people in the venue. The group was made up of all ages, colors, and body types. I met twenty-somethings as well as men in their 70’s. There were twinks, otters, bears, jocks, and plenty of people who didn’t fit into any particular category.

You may run into people you know

Within 15 minutes of arriving, I spotted my ex that I separated from only a few weeks earlier. We acknowledged each other and then proceeded to have our separate experiences for the rest of the evening.

Even in major cities, the gay community feels notoriously small, so chances are you might see someone you know. And if what happened to me happens to you, you just might end up having sex with one of them.

After acknowledging my ex, I ran into my friend Joe, whom I had only met the night before the party. I confided to him about my emotions after seeing my ex, and he suggested we go to the dance floor to get my mind off things. One thing led to another, and 15 minutes later, he fucked me in the sling while people gathered around to watch.

Men's feet in bed

Everything you need is supplied

As he got me set up on the sling, Joe pointed out the condoms, lube (silicone and water-based), wipes, and trash bins everywhere. After the sling, we moved to the central mattress surrounded by couches, and he finished fucking me while people observed from the couches. We cleaned up using the wipes provided, and as we cuddled on the mattress, servers came around with fresh fruit and herbal tea.

You might discover a new fetish or turn-on

It turns out I really liked having sex while others watched. I was surprised (and excited) to learn that about myself. I also discovered I wanted lots of guys to fuck me. While Joe pounded me in the sling, I felt myself wanting to give those who gathered around to watch a turn with me. (Ultimately, I decided against that so I wouldn’t be too overwhelmed on my first rodeo, but I plan on trying it next time).

Sex parties can cater to your wildest fantasies, so don’t be afraid to lower your inhibitions and try new things!

There’s something for everyone

At this party, there were two bars, two dance floors, an area with mattresses surrounded by couches, beds in secluded corners, a sling, and plenty of space to socialize.

You can have whatever experience you desire. If you just want to dance, go for it. If you want to have sex, there are public and private places to partake. A great sex party will cater to the range of your wants and desires.

It’s a social event

I tend to be shy and introverted, and I felt some social anxiety on the way to the party. But I soon discovered that nothing brings people together like being nearly naked together at a sex party. My inhibitions fell away, and I engaged with others in ways I would never have felt comfortable at other types of events. Something about the shared experience of being naked at a sex party cut through the social walls we placed around ourselves.

People are there to have a good time, and you’ll probably find a willing partner (or partners) for anything you care to try.

Men embracing

There’s etiquette at a sex party

Don’t touch without asking. Consent is required. Clean up after yourself. Don’t take too long in any one place so others can have a turn. Wear condoms. Be friendly and respectful. Meet new people!

It’s beautiful

Before going to a sex party, I had this impression that they were dirty, smelly, gritty and seedy. In reality, this event was far different, and I was struck by how beautiful the whole thing was. There was a sense of openness, camaraderie, and freedom. Inhibitions we placed on ourselves vanished. I loved seeing people openly, freely and shamelessly loving on each other. Sex is a good thing. Seeing it all around and participating was wonderful, beautiful, and liberating.

With a little mental preparation, the right group of friends, and a well-organized event, a sex party can be a great experience. Be sure to do your research and be fully informed in advance. There are all kinds of sex parties, so ensure it’s one that caters to your interests. Most of all, let loose and open yourself up to new things. You might just love it.

Let me know about your first experience at a sex party – how was it different or similar to mine?