erogenous zonesWhen it comes to sex, gay men are a little less concerned with pomp and circumstance than women or their straight counterparts.  Though some of us love a long-lasting session, the average guy doesn’t get too involved.  Foreplay is short and sweet, and intercourse typically lasts about 6 minutes. Yes, 6 minutes.  With limited time on your hands, it’s important to know what buttons to push to get things started.  Those buttons are referred to as erogenous zones, or areas of heightened sensitivity.  This heightened sensitivity is, of course, linked to sexual pleasure.

Erogenous zones are little hot spots located all over your body.  There are three sets you should be concerned with: the obvious, the almost as obvious, and the secret weapons.

The Obvious

You don’t have to look hard (or feel far) to find these zones.  These are the 7 that you’re already familiar with and that you’ll find discussed in most research about male sensuality.

Mouth and lips: There are some guys who think kissing is more intimate and stimulating than sex.  This is due to oxytocin, the hormone that’s released when you lock lips with someone.  It’s the “love hormone”, and its release is triggered by pressure and light touching.

Neck: Low-frequency vibrations make your neck extremely sensitive. Caressing this area while applying a little pressure can work wonders to get you or your partner in the mood.

Ears: Whispering sweet nothings isn’t always about romance.  Your ears are covered with sensory receptors.  When they’re touched or blown upon, they can be almost as sensitive as the scrotum or penis.

Nipples: Our nipples are essentially useless—except for providing pleasure.  The nerve endings on your nipples provide a road map to your genitals.  And some studies have shown that they’re tied to your brain activity and send immediate signals that it’s time to get busy.

erogenous zones

Perineum: You may not refer to it by this name, but the perineum has long been a favorite of gay men when it comes to stimulation.  It’s the area between your scrotum and anus, and it has perineal nerves.  These nerves tell your brain that the body is receiving sexual pleasure or that sex is on the horizon.

Scrotum: The thin little pouch that holds your testicles is covered with nerves.  Even the lightest touch leads to arousal.  And your scrotum’s probably the most sensitive part of your body—aside from this last obvious erogenous zone.

Penis: You don’t need to be told that the penis is an erogenous zone.  While it’s possible to experience sexual pleasure without orgasm, most guys include their penis at some point in the interaction.

The Almost As Obvious

Women have been rumored to have only 7 erogenous zones (some of which straight guys will probably never find). So, consider yourself lucky that you have so many hidden treasures planted throughout your body. The following zones aren’t as well-known or widely reported, but odds are, you’ve stumbled upon them through self-exploration or sexy time with your partner. These zones may not offer the same level of sensitivity for every guy, so keep that in mind as you experiment.

Armpit: Like other erogenous zones, your armpits are home to nerves.  Not as many as the zones on the obvious list, but they’re there.  Some guys might just be ticklish here.  Others might think it’s gross, thanks to all the sweat that gathers under there during the day.  But a few lucky guys can use their underarms for immense pleasure.

erogenous zones

Inner thighs: Your inner thighs are home to a bunch of nerve clusters.  (Sensing a theme here? Nerves=pleasure.) When those clusters are lightly touched, caressed, or massaged, they can be just as stimulating as any other erogenous zone.

Sides of your chest: Right along the side of your pecs, at the border where they meet your rib cage, the area gets highly sensitive.  It’s not as intense as your nipple sensitivity but it can provide a nice complement to nipple play.

Feet: You don’t need to be a foot fetishist to appreciate the sexual excitement feet can bring.  If you’ve ever had a foot massage and noticed it was a lot more enjoyable than expected, it was probably due to the pressure points. They’re all over the bottom of your feet, and when they’re released, they trigger arousal.

The Secret Weapons

A few of these are weird, but we’re not judging.  Whatever gets you off is what gets you off.  But, if you want to introduce pleasure that neither you nor your partner has ever experienced, these are the zones to touch.

Forehead: Your head and your scalp are lined with nerve endings.  If you get massaged, or offer a massage, right along your hairline, it signals the release of dopamine and serotonin—the hormones associated with good feelings.

Eyelids: Your eyelids are the one zone on this list that have nothing to do with touch.  If you lightly run your fingers over your partner’s closed eyelids, it provides a nice feeling.  But nothing on par with the other zones.  The pleasure comes from not being able to see what’s happening.  It heightens other senses, like being blindfolded.

Backs of the knees: The backs of your knees have no hair.  They’re smooth to the touch, and they don’t get a lot of attention.  So, they’re extra sensitive to touch.

erogenous zones

Prostate: This is the only internal organ on this list.  Prostate massage has been proven to give men more intense orgasms and even multiple orgasms.  But the massage needs to be done correctly.  For the bottoms out there, a well-endowed top isn’t enough to reap the benefits.  All the plumbing down there is a bit more complex and windy than you think.  The best way to experience prostate massage is with a prostate massager, a vibrator-like device that knows exactly where to go.

Gay sex is often concerned with orgasm and little else.  Though most us won’t last that long, that doesn’t mean we can’t add a little excitement to the pre-game by playing with these erogenous zones.