douchingIf you’re a bottom, or have plans to bottom soon, THE most important part of your pre-sex preparation is cleaning.  As the saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness, and that couldn’t be truer in this context.  Every guy has a different process—enemas, shower nozzles, a diet high in fiber, a hard scrub.  But one of the most popular, and effective, methods is douching.

What Is Douching?

Douching is the process of using water, sometimes combined with other ingredients into a mixture, to clean the rectum.  The water, or mixture, is poured into a bag or a bottle and then sprayed into the rectum.  The fluids and the pressure provide a thorough cleansing of the area, getting rid of any fecal matter or unpleasant odors.

Types of Douches

There are three main types of douches you’ll encounter: the bulb douche, the shower douche, and the water bag douche.  

The bulb douche will probably dominate the top spots in your search results.  It’s the most affordable option and the easiest to use.  Once you receive your bulb douche, it’ll likely have two parts: a rubber or silicone bulb and a detachable nozzle.  You’ll fill the bulb with water, connect the nozzle, and insert it into your anus.  Gently squeeze the bulb to release the water.  Repeat as much as needed.  Keep in mind; the bulb design is typically used for shallow cleansing.

Bulb douche

The shower douche provides a deeper clean but is a bit more complicated to use.  Upon purchase, this douche looks more like a shower repair kit, with a long, silver nozzle, bolts, and screws.  Shower douches connect to your existing shower faucet.  Their greatest benefit is the steady water flow and stronger pressure.  They provide more effective cleansing, which is great for guys who enjoy more aggressive anal play like fisting or oversized dildos.

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The water bag douche offers the best of both worlds but, like the shower douche, can be a bit intimidating on the front end.  It comes with a water bag, a tube, and an adapter to control the water flow.  Once you follow the instructions and get it all connected, you insert the tube into your anus and let the water flow.  Because these kits are a bit more expansive, the methods of use may vary.  So, be sure to read the directions thoroughly.

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With the shower and water bag douche variations, it might seem like tap water is acceptable for douching.  However, this is only okay occasionally.  Your body maintains a delicate balance of electrolytes to keep everything functioning properly.  When you douche with tap water repeatedly, you unintentionally flush out a lot of electrolytes.  Instead of tap water, you should use a normal saline solution.  This a water mixture that contains enough sodium to match what you’re washing out of your body.  You can buy a manufactured version at your nearest drugstore or make your own using a half teaspoon of salt and water.  

Also, pay close attention to the temperature.  Even what feels lukewarm to the touch can damage the linings of your intestines and colon.  Get the temperature down to lukewarm.  Then, go a little cooler than that before starting the douching process.  You might feel a chill at first, but you’ll get used to it.


Is Douching Safe?

The safety of douching has been called into question when it comes to women but not so much with gay men.  With women, the concern was that constant douching would offset the body’s pH levels.  But it’s not just women who need to be cautious—we have our own set of concerns too.  

As mentioned earlier, using water that’s too warm or that’s not front-loaded with electrolytes can cause internal damage.  Additionally, there’s a risk that douching cleans out too much.  Douches, and enemas, were originally intended for people with constipation problems.  The objective was to clean out EVERYTHING. Your objective is to have a great sexual experience sans any accidents.  So, douching can be a bit excessive.  

Douching can also cause irritation and dryness, which causes bleeding and tears in the rectum more easily.  These tears can amplify the spread of STDs.  Douching too often can even lengthen the colon, which leads to constipation, and weakens the sphincter, which regulates your bowel movements.

In most instances, douching isn’t extremely harmful.  But if done incorrectly or too frequently, it can cause trouble down the line.

douchingShould You Douche?

It’s ultimately up to you.  If you’re really unsure, consult your gay-friendly doctor first before you buy anything.  (And make sure you maintain a high-fiber diet and wash well in the shower, in the meantime.)

But friend to friend, every once in a while shouldn’t hurt.  Just don’t overdo it.

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