In 30 Days of Pleasure, Davey Wavey takes us on a hedonistic journey through Tantra, touch and meditation.

30 days of pleasure
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Davey Wavey, the gay YouTube personality known for his silly and sexual videos and uber-friendly demeanor has something new up his sleeve – a foray into holistic gay wellness. This Spring, Davey released a once-a-day subscription series of videos, podcasts and written exercises designed for gay men seeking pleasure beyond the standard orgasm.

Each day, you receive a written, audio or video exercise in your inbox. Davey’s soothing voice guides you through a connection of sensual and playful exercises designed to arouse, relax and reignite.

Davey has partnered with a number of “pleasure coaches” who incorporate a variety of techniques into the series including Tantra, meditation and breathwork.

Also included in the 30 Days series are a number of beautifully-shot instructional videos by Director Travis Matthews (I Want Your Love, Interior. Leather Bar.).

We spoke to Davey, who’s currently filming in São Paulo, to get the insider’s scoop on the release of 30 Days of Pleasure.

Davey Wavey
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What inspired you to create 30 Days of Pleasure?

Going into my early 30s, my experience of sex has evolved – and it has led both me and my work to explore the world of Tantra. While filming a video around full body orgasms, a tantric coach and I had a conversation around pleasure. He noted that pleasure has an incredible power and ability to heal and that gay men, in particular, are in need of healing. We’re hurt by a heteronormative and often homophobic society. We’re sometimes hurt by our own community, and feelings of rejection or horizontal aggression. And, in many ways, we often hurt ourselves. All of this blossomed into 30 Days of Pleasure.

30 Days of Pleasure
Day 17

How did the partnership with the series’ three pleasure coaches, Brad, JoJo, and Andrés, come to fruition?

We’ve had the pleasure – no pun intended – of being connected with many wise and talented coaches with a background in Tantra. Each coach has a very different take on Tantra and pleasure. So we thought it would be fun for participants to experience a few different flavors throughout the program.

30 Days of Pleasure
Day 14

The videos were all filmed at Frog Meadow Farm in Vermont. How did you decide on snowy Vermont as the backdrop?

The program includes 10 videos – all of which were filmed at Frog Meadow in Vermont. It wasn’t that we wanted a snowy Vermont backdrop so much as we wanted to film at Frog Meadow. I’ve been coming to Frog Meadow for years, and there’s something magical about the environment that Dave and Scott have created at their property. Because the content involves lots of nudity, we also needed a location that felt safe for everyone involved. And Frog Meadow is certainly that!

30 days of pleasure
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What sort of philosophies, mantras or schools of thought did you follow when creating each guide?

Like much of my audience, I’m a student in the world of Tantra. I’m definitely not an expert, so we rely on our pleasure coaches to bring their experience and wisdom to the table. We just went in with the understanding that pleasure has the ability to transform not just our sex but our lives.

30 Days of pleasure
Day 5

Gay-specific wellness content is already difficult to find, and much of it is focused on the Adonis and fitness. Why is holistic wellness so important for our community?

Our community is uniquely positioned to benefit from tantra and wellness content. It’s healing, and helps gay men connect better with themselves and the people and world around them. And yes, gay-specific wellness content is terribly difficult to find. That’s why we wanted to dive into this world. What is even more difficult to find is gay-specific wellness content that is beautifully filmed and accessible for people who might not have a background in Tantra. As such, we worked with award-winning director Travis Matthews to bring the teachings to life on camera. And we spent countless hours refining the daily pleasure experiences so that people could really understand and embody the messages.

30 days of pleasure
Day 2

Which aspects of this series do you incorporate into your own wellness routines?

For most of my life, I looked to porn for guidance around pleasure. It’s now very apparent that porn is meant to arouse us, but usually isn’t a suitable guide for fulfilling or pleasurable sex. By incorporating techniques and philosophies from our tantric coaches, I’ve transformed my experience of sex. In particular, I love an exercise wherein the participants ask each other to fulfill different sexual desires in a safe space. The idea is to really tap into what you really, really want – but are afraid to vocalize. Asking for what you want in sex is a metaphor for asking for what you want in life!

30 Days of Pleasure

What are your ultimate goals for the series?

The immediate goal is getting peoples’ feet wet with tantric practices and philosophy. Hopefully it encourages folks to become more interested – and make them curious to learn more. The long-term, ultimate goal is to use the transformative power of pleasure to heal us and our community.

30 Days of Pleasure
Day 11

What’s next for Davey Wavey?

We just finished filming 12 more videos in Palm Springs and another 7 in São Paulo. We’re really excited about our lineup!

To subscribe to 30 Days of Pleasure, click here. For more of Davey Wavey, check out his YouTube channel.