Suns out, buns out, anyone? 

Gay nude beach

You’ve spent most of the year suffering through a brutal winter and a cooler than usual Spring.  If part of your hibernation plans included a daily workout, you’re eager to strip down and show off your hard work.  Luckily, board shorts don’t have to come between you and a liberating beach experience.  The following 10 beach destinations exercise a clothing-optional policy.  Bring little more than some sunscreen and your birthday suit.

Most Gay-Friendly

Gunnison Beach (Sandy Hook, New Jersey)

You’re guaranteed to see lots of skin on Fire Island.  But if you live in the tristate area and want to travel a bit off the beaten path, Gunnison Beach is the place for you.  It’s impossibly close to New York City, and it’s Jersey’s only legal nude beach.   Get naked with other exhibitionists and…reporters.  Newspaper and TV reporters flock to the beach for stories every summer.

North Bondi Beach (Sydney, Australia)

Bondi Beach is known for its golden tanned, blond-haired surfers.  But just a little further up the coastline, the popular destination transforms into a nude gay mecca.  This is a spot for locals.  If you’ve always dreamed of falling head over heels for a muscled Aussie, this is the place to be.

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Black’s Beach (San Diego, California)

When you think about getting naked in California, it’s probably a goal that can be easily achieved in any San Francisco gay bar.  But San Diego is quickly becoming a hot summer destination for us gays.  Located just outside the posh La Jolla, Black’s Beach is the most popular of San Diego’s three nude beaches.  Just be sure to read where the nude zone begins and ends, or you could find yourself au naturel in front of an innocent family.

Nude beach
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Haulover Beach (Miami, Florida)

The perfect Miami trip usually consists of strolls down Ocean Drive and drinks at the Fontainebleau.  But now, you can add Haulover Beach to the list.  The nude beach sees as many as 7,000 visitors each day, and it’s just minutes away from Miami’s prime attractions.

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Little Beach (Maui, Hawaii)

Few of us need to be convinced that Hawaii is a must-see destination.  The surfing, the gorgeous beaches, the active volcanoes…the nudity.  Little Beach isn’t exactly marketed as a clothing-optional destination.  But among locals and tourists familiar with the area, it’s the ideal place to enjoy all Maui has to offer.

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Collins Beach (Sauvie Island, Oregon)

Oregon gives off some serious Little House on the Prairie vibes, but apparently, its nude beach is a lot more evolved than we think.  That could be because of its location.  The inland beach lines the Columbia River and is just outside of liberal hotbed Portland.  People have been stripping down here since the 70s.  So, you’ll be part of a longstanding tradition.

UFO Beach (South Padre Island, Texas)

South Padre Island was one of those MTV Spring Break cities that never made much sense.  But now the pieces of the puzzle come together.  The popular party spot is home to UFO Beach, one of America’s most popular nude beaches.  It’s named for a large UFO-like sculpture planted in the middle of the shore.  However, it’s a safe bet that none of the drunk, naked college kids care about that.

UFO beach
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Red Beach (Crete, Greece)

The Greek economy might not be anything to write home about but the nudity is up to par.  Red Beach is home to rust-colored sand and plenty of international naturists.  If you’re looking for captivating views in every sense of the word, look no further.

Nude red beach
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Wreck Beach (Vancouver, Canada)

Canada has a reputation as our country’s well-behaved little brother.  But even the canucks get loose every once in a while.  Wreck Beach is Canada’s largest clothing-optional beach and is even considered one of the greatest wonders of the entire country.  With dozens of events and more than 7 kilometers of shore, there’s plenty of space for you to spread out and tan those cheeks.

Plage de Tahiti (St. Tropez, France)

If you like your nudity with a side of champagne, disrobe at Plage de Tahiti.  This beach has been a favorite of adventurous Frenchmen since the 1960s.  It has a worldwide reputation for nude sunbathing.  Better yet, it’s a bit remote so you don’t have to worry about other beachgoers gawking at your bits.

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