Living Well, for Queer Men.

Wellfellow is built on three core values – holistic, realistic and inclusive. Wellfellow features diverse perspectives on health, wellness, fitness, sex, travel, and more. Quite simply, we’ve set out to become the lifestyle brand for queer men who enjoy living well.

Wellfellow launched to the public in April 2017.

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NOAH is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Wellfellow. He’s also a serial entrepreneur, e-commerce veteran and a wannabe sommelier. Noah lives with his fiancé, Jonathan and two dogs, Jacki and Pugsy in the Lower East Side, Manhattan. You can follow his escapades on Instagram (@noahelamor).

JEFFEREY is a New York-based freelance writer, web entrepreneur and professional opinion slinger. He’s the founder of men’s lifestyle site, Uptown Bourgeois and author of the personal essay collection, It’s Okay If You Don’t Read Everything.  You can follow his creative journey on Instagram (@jeffereylamar) and Twitter (@jeffereyspivey).

ANDY is a PR Consultant, model (Ralph Lauren and Benetti Yachts) and writer based in New York. When he’s not filming ANDY TRIES, you’ll find Andy writing his first full-length novel, exploring the endless running paths along the Hudson and East Rivers and juggling a diet of ginger shots, caesar salads and an occasional cheese puff (or three).  You can follow his adventures around New York and the world on Instagram (@andy_churchill_).

JACOB is a contributing writer and self-described couch potato to marathoner. Jacob grew up all around the world and currently lives in San Francisco. You can follow Jacob on Instagram (@jacoblittle).

Jonathan Rivera

JONATHAN is a video producer based in New York. Jonathan is passionate about storytelling through documentary and experimental filmmaking, laughing at himself and dancing to a good pop-diva jam. He’s also a proud dog parent to two senior dogs. You can follow Jonathan on Instagram @jayohhenn.